SweetLand Naturals Elderberry Syrup

Subtly spiced and sweet, a must-have in your flu season arsenal

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! Please select your elderberry syrup size below. During the check out process, you will be able to select from the following options: free porch pick up (south side of Kenosha), $2 local delivery (Kenosha & Pleasant Prairie) or USPS regional rate shipping ($9.75 for two 8 oz bottles or one 16 oz bottle). Still have questions? Email Kristine at sweetlandsyrup@gmail.com.

Why Choose Us?

- Blend of two types of elderberries (Sambucus Nigra and Sambucus Canadensis) used in every batch for even greater immune support. I press cooked berries for added nutrients to syrup.

- Produced in a commercial kitchen fully licensed and inspected by the state of Wisconsin.

- Sweetened with raw, SE Wisconsin honey. Keeping honey in raw form preserves valuable nutrients, enzymes and its anti-viral/anti-fungal properties. Honey is added only after syrup cools. 

- Supports Midwestern berry farmers and beekeepers, providing additional revenue streams for family farms and rural areas.

- No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. No fillers. (Must be refrigerated.) 

- No plastics used in the production process. 

About Us

Kristine Schmaling


Hi there! I’m Kristine; a mom, wife, grandma and nurse who is a strong believer in the amazing healthful properties of elderberries. A friend introduced me to the syrup who thought it would help with my asthma symptoms. I started taking it several days a week and quickly saw the benefits! I now handcraft and brew this wonderful nutrient-packed syrup in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Knowing who you’re buying from and where your food comes from is a powerful thing! When you buy SweetLand Elderberry Syrup, you are not only boosting your family’s immunity, but you’re bringing health and vitality to Midwestern farmers and SE Wisconsin beekeepers and businesses. That’s something to feel good about!


Free porch pick up available near Grewenow Elementary in Kenosha. Address provided at check out.

Delivery available in Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie for an additional $2. 


Kenosha, WI

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